Our By Laws

Constitution and By Laws

Our Mission

The mission of the Eden Prairie Radio Club is to promote the hobby of Amateur Radio within the city of Eden Prairie, and when requested to provide radio communications services for civic events and emergencies.

Our mission is accomplished by providing

  • Opportunities for public service to our community
  • Events, classes, and seminars to educate Eden Prairie about the hobby
  • FCC Amateur Radio License Tests
  • Mentoring to citizens who wish to set up personal radio equipment
  • A 2 Meter Open Repeater for amateur use on 146.880 MHz
  • Speakers to schools, and other civic groups
  • Social events which foster personal relationships and comradeship
  • Supporting to other local amateur radio clubs in their activities
  • Radio operating events including Field Day


Membership in this organization is open to all. An FCC amateur radio license is not required.
Residency within the city of Eden Prairie is not required.

Membership Dues

Membership dues are $25 per year, payable to the club. Individuals who have a limited income may request a scholarship for a reduced rate membership by contacting a club officer.


Charter Officers of the Eden Prairie Radio Club are
Dale Blomgren    (KD0B), Interim President
Greg Truchinski  (NV0P)  Interim Vice President
Michael Ostlund   (N0ANP)   Development Consultant


Elections for new officers for this organization will be held at an annual meeting to be held during the month of January of each year.  The date and time of the annual meeting will be determined by the officers, and published to the membership 2 weeks prior to when it convenes.


The EPRC will work with and support the following organizations
  • American Radio Relay League
  • W5YI Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (VEC)
  • Southwest Metro Amateur Radio Club
  • Bloomington Amateur Radio Club
  • SKYWARN  (Weather spotting for the National Weather Service)
  • Hennepin County Emergency Communications
  • Eden Prairie Fire Department
  • Eden Prairie Police Department

Goals for 2012-2013

  • Promote club membership to Eden Prairie amateur operators
  • Establish a club fund for club activities and repeater operations
  • Transfer the repeater license to a club trustee 
  • Establish a dialogue between the club and the city of Eden Prairie
  • Investigate new site options for the club repeater
  • Prepare a detailed plan to transfer the Repeater to new site
  • Complete the repeater site transfer by May 1 2013

Termination Plan

If the officers of the EPRC determine the club should be disbanded due to lack of interest or support, after all accounts due have been paid, the residual cash assets will be donated to the American Radio Relay League scholarship fund.  Any residual physical assets belonging to the club including radios, antennas, computers, office equipment, materials must be donated to a different local radio club.  Residual physical assets may not be sold by any entity willing to accept them. Residual assets not accepted by another local radio club must be disposed of by recycling or sending to a landfill operator.